Gear Review: CU Belay Glasses
Got a sore neck? Check out this editorial review of the CU Belay Glasses and get the low-down on these cragging accessories.
Weekend Whipper: Soloing Gone Wrong!
A hiker overestimates his climbing ability and attempts to free solo a 25-foot cliff at Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina, only to experience the dangerous consequences. He walks away with no injuries, just the fear of falling, but demonstrates that it is wise to consider your skills, the quality of rock and the risks when soloing a high cliff.
Weekend Whipper: How to Survive a Free Solo Fall
This climber had already lapped Grab Your Balls, which is a 5.9 at a small cliff called Breakneck, in Southwest Pennsylvania. He had even hung a top-rope on the route for others to take a burn. At the end of the day, however, he decided to take one more run on the 40-foot pitch, but this time without tying in to the rope still hanging on the route. Reaching the technical crux at about 35 feet, the climber grabbed an edge at full extension and began to pull up ... but slipped, and suddenly found himself taking the fall of his life.

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Joe Mills Attempts a New 5.14 Free Route in the Black Canyon
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Climbing Lesson from Chris Sharma


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