Ashima Shiraishi Climbs V12 in Bishop
Ashima Shiraishi is spending her holiday break climbing in Bishop, California, and has already made an ascent of Maze of Death (V12).
TNB: 10 Tips for Jolene Kay, Professional Climber (and Hot Actress)
“Jolene Kay: Rock Climber” is a high production short that shows an actress leaping and dancing her way up and around some sandstone cliffs. Kay is a VERY attractive woman and she looks great as she pretends to be a climber and I applaud her acting in this film, and I think she has a great career ahead of her. She does not, however, quite pull off the role of “professional rock climber.”
Zen Shimane: The 2-Year-Old Rock Climber
Zen Shimane might still wear diapers, but he's already climbing. Shimane watched his father climb at his local bouldering gym and instinctively began reaching for the holds himself. It wasn't long before the 2-year-old began cranking problems himself.

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The Four Pillars of Lofoten Island
The Four Pillars of Lofoten Island
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Daniel Woods Sending Lucid Dreaming (V15)


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