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Weekend Whipper: Unbelievable Catch!
A little free solo jaunt up an obscure cliff in sneakers is never a good idea, but in this Weekend Whipper, two inexperienced climbers use poor judgement and decide to go for it anyway. However, while confronting a slight bulge in the stone, the higher climber loses his footing, and pitches off. While surely heading for an extremely dangerous and possible fatal fall, luck intervenes, and he is saved by a catch you have to see to believe.
VIDEO: Coxsey Climbs New Base Line (V14)
The rough, uncut video of Shauna Coxsey topping out on her first V14, becoming the third woman in the world to climb this grade. Pretty good for a video shot on an IPhone set up in a tree.
TNB: Ian Dory, Ninja, or The Craziest Thing I Ever Seen
Ian Dory is inverted. Both feet overhead, the tops of his slippers cocked over the lip of a sandstone roof on counter-pressure smears. He only sticks by pressing hard against those slopers, as if to wring oil from the stone for his evening bread.

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Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.