TNB: Run, Rabbit: Hermann Gollner, 71, cranks Pump-O-Rama (5.13a)
“I want to do Pump-O-Rama when I am 70,” Hermann Gollner said a few years ago. “If I don’t, I will be the one you see weeping at the bottom.” He laughed his booming Hermann laugh. Each year Hermann, compact and wiry, road trips from the Reno area to Rifle. He turned 70 in September of last year, but did not attempt the route then because he was recovering from shoulder surgery. Instead he climbed Pump-O-Rama this past May.
J-Star is Livin' Astro (5.14c)
Jonathan Siegrist makes short work of Livin' Astro (5.14c), sending it in just two tries.
Weekend Whipper: Belayer Takes One for the Team
The climber is not the only one who can get hurt in a fall. In this mid-1990s whipper, we see what can happen when when the belayer catches the fall but then pays the price!

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