Weekend Whipper: Big Aid Solo, Big Fall
Climbing a big wall solo is daunting, especially because there is the inherent risk of taking a big ol' whipper with nobody holding the rope. In this Weekend Whipper, a climber is solo aiding the Grade IV Glass Menagerie on North Carolina's Looking Glass Rock. He is attempting to link pitches one through four, but on the second pitch, he blows a cam hook and goes for a frightening ride.
Ascent, Now Accepting Stories
Ascent, the world's leading climbing publication, is now accepting articles for consideration for the 2015 edition. Published since 1967 and founded by Allen Steck and Steve Roper, Ascent is the historical record of notable climbs, thoughts, writing, art and photography.
TNB: How to Get Stronger by Doing Nothing for 5 Minutes a Day
With ready access to gyms, crags and boulders, it’s easy to train but it’s also easy to over-train. No matter how much you climb, you just can’t seem to get better. Or you have a nagging injury. Or you can’t concentrate and flub beta. Or you’re just plain scared. If this is you, then it may be you don’t need to change what you’re doing. It could be you need stop doing and learn how to rest and recover.

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Ben Moon Climbing Statement of Youth
Ben Moon Climbing Statement of Youth
Nils Favre: One Day in Targasonne
Nils Favre: One Day in Targasonne


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.