Weekend Whipper: "Did Your Harness Break?"
A little backyard sport climbing sounded like a good idea ... especially after a few (too many) drinks. But despite the meager height of this home-made climbing wall, this climber finds trouble. Near the top, as he backs down from a perplexing move, he whips ... and lands firmly on the ground. Although the belayer's first guess is that the climber's harness may have broken, this is not the case. Can you spot the ground-fall causing error? Comment below and let us know what really happened.
Ashima Shiraishi, 13, Becomes Second Female to Climb V14
Ashima Shiraishi, just 13-years-old, has crushed her first V14 by sending Fred Nicole’s Golden Shadow in Rocklands, South Africa, becoming the second woman ever to climb such a grade.
TNB: 5 Ways to Make People Love Your Routes
I’ve established hundreds of climbs from shit piles to lauded classics, but in the interim between that first POS and my latest masterPOS, my motivation has changed. Now I don’t do first ascents because I have to or for fame or because I’m obsessed. I equip them for you, dear climber.

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Petzl Pad Party
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Matt Fultz: A Day in Lincoln Lake


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