VIDEO: Nalle Hukkataival on The Bügeleisen Sit Start (V15+)
The video of Nalle Hukkataival on what could possibly be the hardest boulder problem in the world -- The Bügeleisen Sit Start (V15+) -- is now available for your viewing.
Bonus Feature: The Pirate - Adventures with Ammon McNeely
Ammon, watch me here!” I yelled. No answer. Just the disconcerting rumble of my belayer, Ammon McNeely, snoring. Racing to get in a piece, I fiddled in a cam hook, and put two fingers through the webbing to clip it just as the knifeblade blew. I was airborne.
Weekend Whipper: "Watch Him!"
Even top-roping has its fair share of risks, such as a potentially dangerous swing. In this Weekend Whipper, the climber has only made it a few feet off the ground, but the top-rope anchor he is using is a few yards to his right. With a quick slip, he is off, and finds himself swinging toward the opposing wall. "Watch him!" yells a friend. "Watch him!" Luckily, he was wearing a helmet.

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