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Gear Review: Petzl SAMA Harness
Petzl has re-imagined its flagship SAMA harness to create one of the most comfortable and affordable set-ups on the market. The new SAMA is pimped primarily as a sport-climbing harness.
TNB: Ian Dory, Ninja, or The Craziest Thing I Ever Seen
Ian Dory is inverted. Both feet overhead, the tops of his slippers cocked over the lip of a sandstone roof on counter-pressure smears. He only sticks by pressing hard against those slopers, as if to wring oil from the stone for his evening bread.
Chris Sharma Winning the Red Bull Creepers Deep Water Soloing Comp
On Saturday, July 19, Chris Sharma won the innovative Red Bull Creepers Deep Water Soloing competition. The comp was held on the Puente La Reina bridge in northern Spain, and involved exciting dynos upwards of 30 feet above the river. Check out the highlights in this video recap.

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Joe Kinder Sends Maquina Muerte 5.14+
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Destination Fontainebleau


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