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Weekend Whipper: Terminal Pump=Big Whip!
This climber is at the anchor of a pumpy sport route in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. But there is one BIG problem ... he's too pumped to clip the chains. Despite his friend assuring him that he's got it and that it will all work out, the climber isn't so sure. In a last ditch effort to hang on, he grabs the taunting chains, but quickly realizes he has no strength left!
Alex Honnold Talks About the Risk of Free Soloing
The world's premier free-soloist, Alex Honnold, was the subject for the latest North Face speaker series. The topic of conversation? The risks of free soloing. Check out this candid conversation with Honnold, in which he casually downplays his greatest climbing achievements.
TNB: When Homemade Gear Works, Sorta
When you don't have climbing gear, you can make your own, and suffer the consequences.

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Roland Hemetzberger sends Zarathustra (5.14c)
Roland Hemetzberger sends Zarathustra (5.14c)
2014 Psicobloc Masters Highlights
2014 Psicobloc Masters Highlights


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.