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Gear Review: Grivel Mega K6G Twingate Carabiner
The Grivel Twingate carabiner isn’t the first design with two gates, but it is the best.
Canadian Crusher Marieta Akalski Storms Rifle, Sends Her First 5.14a
Marieta Akalski, who just recently transitioned to outdoor sport climbing after a history of indoor bouldering competitions, traveled to Rifle, Colorado, where she ticked off a number of 5.13s in just a handful of tries, and sent her first 5.14a in Rodellar, Spain.
TNB: Five Things Every Gym Climber Must Know About Climbing Outside
The five things every gym climber must know about climbing outside are so simple you may not think about them, but crag access depends on it.

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Alex Luger Trad Climbing on PsychoGramm (8b+/5.14a)
Alex Luger Trad Climbing on PsychoGramm (8b+/5.14a)
Bouldering on Gran Canaria
Bouldering on Gran Canaria


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.