Chris Sharma Winning the Red Creepers Deep Water Soloing Comp
On Saturday, July 19, Chris Sharma won the inovative Red Bull Creepers Deep Water Soloing competition. The comp was held on the Puente La Reina bridge in northern Spain, and involved exciting dynos upwards of 30 feet above the river. Check out the highlights in this video recap.
Bonus Feature: The Pirate - Adventures with Ammon McNeely
Ammon, watch me here!” I yelled. No answer. Just the disconcerting rumble of my belayer, Ammon McNeely, snoring. Racing to get in a piece, I fiddled in a cam hook, and put two fingers through the webbing to clip it just as the knifeblade blew. I was airborne.
Weekend Whipper: "Watch Him!"
Even top-roping has its fair share of risks, such as a potentially dangerous swing. In this Weekend Whipper, the climber has only made it a few feet off the ground, but the top-rope anchor he is using is a few yards to his right. With a quick slip, he is off, and finds himself swinging toward the opposing wall. "Watch him!" yells a friend. "Watch him!" Luckily, he was wearing a helmet.

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