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TNB: Five Things Every Gym Climber Must Know About Climbing Outside
The five things every gym climber must know about climbing outside are so simple you may not think about them, but crag access depends on it.
Weekend Whipper: Stalactite Knock Out
Climbing a cave with tufas and stalactites always sounds fun ... until you fall with one of these knobby formations blocking your whipping trajectory. In this Weekend Whipper, we see what happens when a climber blows a clip on the classic Liposuction (5.12a) at Reimer's Ranch outside of Austin, Texas, and swings into a cave dripping with stalactites.
The Naked Edge Done in 26 Minutes, See Video Clip
Scott Bennett and Brad Gobright set a new record on The Naked Edge in Eldorado Canyon, beating their rivals' time by 15 seconds.

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Alex Luger Trad Climbing on PsychoGramm (8b+/5.14a)
Alex Luger Trad Climbing on PsychoGramm (8b+/5.14a)
Bouldering on Gran Canaria
Bouldering on Gran Canaria


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.