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VIDEO: The Psychology of Climbing Champion Ramón Julián
For World Champion climber Ramón Julián of Spain, victory means first place; second place is losing. Check out this video to see what makes him such a strong competition climber.
TNB: Moving Over Stone With Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson, father of clean climbing, storyteller, and mystical master.
Accident Report: Impaled by a Quickdraw
A grisly Instagram photo of a carabiner stuck in a hand circulated online several months ago. Suffice it to say it was an ugly wound and the staff at Rock and Ice found ourselves thinking about it, wondering how that biner came to be so deeply embedded, and if the owner of that hand was going to be OK. So we did a little digging.

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Ashima: See the Real Me
Ashima: See the Real Me
Highballs in Idaho with Beau Stuart
Highballs in Idaho with Beau Stuart


Gallery images by Dean Fidelman.