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Knuckle/palm pain?

03-Jun-2013 06:15 PM


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Hello again :)

        I looked through past posts to address my problem, but didn't see anything quite like it. So, for the past few months, I have had pain in on the posterior aspect of the PIP joint of my ring finger. I usually just mummy tape it and it's fine. It comes and goes. However, after climbing at the gym last week, I noticed pain in the metacarpal/phalangeal junction on the palmar side with direct pressure. It hurts across all of those joints with pressure, and radiates,like when on a large jug. I have also experienced some tingling. What gives? Do I have two injuries, a pulley and carpal tunnel? Is this all related? I have decided to take a few weeks off, but would appreciate any advice. I know the median nerve can be impinged at many places, so I will tell you that I have some protruding discs at C5/C6...dunno if that helps or has nothing to do with anything, but there ya go...


Eily Schroeder