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Pain in finger after smashing it (sidways) into a hold

06-Dec-2013 07:20 AM

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I was climbing yesterday and as I was doing a difficult reach to a hold, I smashed the side of the knuckle of my ring finger into a hold. I heard a pretty loud crunch/pop and felt quite a bit of pain immediately. The pain went away, and I finished the last 3 moves, but I found my finger really hurt when I gripped (it was all open-hand, not crimping). I iced it last night, but this morning I can't fully extend it or bend it without quite a bit of pain. In fact, I can't fully bend it. The pain seems to be all around the lower half of my finger- the worse places seem to be on the inside of my second knuckle and the base of my finger right under the knuckle on my hand. I feel like this shouldn't be a pulley injury because I did not fall off a hold I was gripping- I just smashed my finger sideways into it. But some of the pain seems to be right where you'd expect it for a pulley injury. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated