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Mt. Saint Elias - A Sea to Summit Expedition

TFCC tear and conservative treatment

03-Aug-2014 03:49 AM


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Dear Dr. J and all the fellow climbers,

 I got myself an TFCC tear in my left wrist. It came out of nowhere, no bad injury or fall, nothing. My wrist just started to hurt at some point. I went to see a doctor, who's luckily a clever guy and he suspected it straight away. He asked me to rest for two weeks and then if nothing would have changed, he'd send me to an MRI. I had an MRI one week ago and it confirmed an TFCC tear, not the central one but the on top side of my wrist. My unla is clearly destabilized compared to the other hand. I'm going to see a hand surgeon at a sports clininc tomorrow.

 My question is - what's the success rate of the conservative treatment? I know people were resting, wearing splints or casts and going through a PT after and it didn't help at all. Reading all this I'm not sure whether I should just go straight to surgery and get it fixed. I'm afraid that even if it heals a bit, a bit of strenuous excercise will tear it again, this time for good.

 I don't have any acute pain or anything. I can't do push-ups, can't put weight on my wrist when it's bent 90 degrees upwards and gripping slopers or slopper-like objects (knee, grapefruit) also hurts. Rotation is OK.

 Would be very grateful for any word of advice,