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Jeff Ward - IFMGA/AMGA Guide

Jeff Ward is an IFMGA-licensed and AMGA-certified Alpine, Ski and Rock Guide. He grew up in the Northwest and is co-owner of North Cascades Mountain Guides ( based in Mazama. Ward is a lead instructor for the American Mountain Guides Association and serves on their technical committee.

Martin Volken - IFMGA Guide

Martin Volken is the founder and owner of Pro Guiding Service and Pro Ski and Mountain Service in North Bend, WA. He is a certified IFMGA Swiss Mountain Guide and guides over 120 days per year in North America and Europe as a ski, rock and alpine guide. Volken has pioneered several steep ski descents, ski traverses, alpine and rock routes in the Washington Cascades. He has been a member of the AMGA examiner team since 2000 and has authored and co-authored three books on ski touring and ski mountaineering.

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Anchors: Two Slings & Three Pieces
Anchors: Two Slings & Three Pieces


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Sharpening your Tools

25-Jan-2017 12:30 PM

Not Available

Posts: 1

I know a lot of the basics about not using a power tool and only pushing the file in one direction, but what is the best configuration to sharpen your ice tool picks into? Best for crampon front points (assuming vertical points)?


28-Jan-2017 01:35 PM

Jeff Ward

Jeff Ward
Posts: 46

The AMGA and Outdoor Research recently did a video about this.  You can find it here: How To Sharpen Ice Tools And Crampons.