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Black Diamond Momentum Al and SA Climbin Harness Review - Climbing Harness Review


Black Diamond Momentum AL & Momentum SA $49.95/$45.95
★★★★ 14 ounces

The Momentum AL is plush, completely functional, versatile and a bargain at just under $50.

With sculpted, compression-molded padding, the Momentum AL maintains its shape, one of the attributes I most appreciated. When you take the harness out of your pack, it isn’t all twisted up and you can quickly discern the right from left leg loop. I found the leg loops and swami supple and while hanging for hours on end, I didn’t notice any pressure points.

Four rigid gear loops ride just in front and just on your hip bones. Racked gear is easy to see and easy to get on and off. Double-pass buckles on the swami and leg loops are easy to operate and didn’t creep loose. And, because the leg loop buckles fully release, you can put the harness on without removing your skis, and change your lower layers while staying tied in to the swami.

I tested a size medium. This fit perfectly when I was wearing medium-weight pants for mixed and ice climbing, but in summer garb I found the rise about an inch too long. The leg loops sagged about half an inch in front. This didn’t compromise comfort, and I didn’t notice it so much when climbing as when walking around.

For a one-harness-does-it-all model, I give the Momentum two thumbs up. If you prefer the convenience of single-pass speed buckles, that feature is available on the same harness, the Momentum SA. Women can check out their version of the Momentum, the Primrose AL.

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