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CAMP Stratos Harness - Climbing Harness Review


gear-camp-stratosCAMP Stratos Harness

$99.95 | 4 Stars


Nothing's more repulsive than back sweat, especially my own. Unfortunately, climbing in the summer inevitably means you will sweat like a pig in a monkey suit.

Fortunately, some great, lightweight and highly breathable harnesses on the market can keep that odious trickle off your body, and one of the best I've tested is the new CAMP Stratos. Incorporating two layers of EVA foam, perforated for high breathability, the Stratos is both sturdy and supportive, yet weighs just 12 ounces and is breathable.

The Stratos places four  easy-to-clip gear loops toward the rear of the belt so gear doesn't flop into your crotch when you high step. The tradeoff is that rear-racked gear can be a hindrance in chimneys and catch on your chalk bag. Pick your poison.

One cool touch is the white belay loop that makes it visually easier to double check that vital items, such as belay carabiners and tethers, are definitely clipped to it. The belay loop incorporates one of CAMP's recent innovations: the No Twist feature, which is basically a slot through the center of the loop's webbing in which you can clip a belay carabiner; the slot holds the biner in the proper configuration, reducing the chance of cross-loading. The slot is tight and difficult to wiggle a carabiner through, but with use it should stretch out some.

Thunder thighs will dig this harness' leg loops, which are adjustable and range from your average anorexic climber's peg legs all the way to something that even Olympic speed skater Apollo Ono could appreciate.

  • Four gear loops, situated toward the rear, plus a chalk-bag loop.
  • Dual-density perforated EVA foam offers breathability and support.
  • Pre-threaded buckles on waist belt and leg loops.
  • White belay loop with No Twist design.
  • Lightweight, comfortable all-arounder.

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