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Rooftown Vol. 2 - Featuring the Bouldering Exploits of Matt Gentile

Edelrid Wing - Climbing Harness Review


  The Wing is everything I desire in a harness. It is easy on the wallet, two ounces lighter than competing models yet comfortable, and fully and easily adjustable. It sports two ice-clipper loops so you can use it after Frosty inhabits the crags. The Wing is a Swiss Army knife of harnesses.

That’s the snapshot. The long shot is that when you hear “adjustable,” you picture a sweaty, crooked-helmet chuffer with plumber’s crack and hair on the small of his back. Banish the thought. The Wing is sporty and svelte. The laminated belt tapers from a kidney-supporting 2.5 inches at the small of the back, and the laminated leg loops are a whopping three inches, also tapering. Micro burnished buckles provide the adjustments, and these look more like something a packrat would steal than hardware. Yes, you can hold your chin high with the Wing buckled about your thighs and waist.

I want to pause for a moment on adjustability. In the old days, you often purchased the swami belt and leg loops separately, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Now, both components are a package deal—the leg loops can’t separate from the belt, you have to buy them together. This is like purchasing your shirt and pants stitched together: One fits, the other doesn’t.

Back to business, the Wing is stuffed with refinement. The elastic “keeper up” straps on the leg loops drop by way of hooked metal fingers. Two forward loops let gear ride along without flopping into your crotch, and two rear gear loops are unassuming until you need them. For safety, the belay loop has a wear indicator. That last detail is important: Wing owners will be using the harness a lot.

ABOUT THE RATING: Five stars, factoring in price, utility, weight and comfort.

—Duane Raleigh


This article was published in Rock and Ice issue 229 (October 2015).


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