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Black Diamond Aspect 

Price:   $79.95
Weight:   15 oz
Unisex Fit:   0
Women's Fit:   0
Features:   Padded, Belay Loop, Haul Loop, Adjustable Leg Loops, Self Locking Buckle(s)
Number Of Gear Loops:  
Uses:   4-season
New This Year:   0

Manufacturer says:

From winter ice routes to summer rock climbs, the 4-season Aspect is outfitted for any climbing day of the year thanks to its host of features and Dual Core XP Construction.

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Consumer Reviews

Baxter Reecer commented on 05-Nov-2013 12:23 PM4 out of 5 stars
I've always had BD harnesses and have always loved them, but this is the first that I'm just not sure about. Even though it has some issues, it still does exactly what it needs to do and will work fine, but fit/comfort is a different issue for everybody.

I bought this harness in a size large, like I have always worn in BD harnesses. I have a 32/33 inch waist for most pants, which would put me at a medium, but the sizing has changed in a big way with this new line of harnesses. I can hardly get this thing on! The thigh straps almost have to be completely loosened for me to climb comfortably, and the gear loops are always left off center because the waist piece isn't large enough.

Those things aside, the harness is surprisingly comfortable. It's a little more rigid than most, which keeps it in place but it still moves well with your body. The gear loops all work fine, and the tie in points and belay loop feel very beefy. The best part of this harness is without a doubt the super padded "bullhorn" at the back of the waist. I've hanging belayed in this, as well as taken a whip or two, and the way that it catches at your waist is better than any harness I have ever worn.

All being said, it's a great, more heavy duty harness, but has a lot of sizing issues. Be careful about trying it on, especially with layers!
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Black Diamond Aspect