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Price:   $110
Weight:   6 oz
CE Certified:   1
Shell Material:   Expanded polypropylene
Headlamp Mount:   1
New This Year:   1

Manufacturer says:

With a maximum weight of 165g, the SIROCCO helmet becomes the new standard in terms of lightness. The monobloc construction minimizes helmet weight while retaining excellent impact resistance, due to the mechanical properties of expanded polypropylene (EPP). The textile adjustment system also contributes to its lightness. This helmet comes with a new magnetic buckle which allows the chinstrap to be attached with one hand. The SIROCCO helmet also has excellent ventilation distributed around the helmet.

Editor's Review

Consumer Reviews

Matthew Bishop commented on 26-Mar-2014 02:05 PM3 out of 5 stars
B.I.G 2014? Yes and no. The use of expanded polypropylene (material found in your car bummer to soften and protect from impact) is a great advancement in helmet technology. The use of this material made the Sirocco one of the lightest and safest helmets on the market or is it?

The 'ultra-light' war has led Petzl to go ultra-light on one key feature - the buckle. Particularly, the male buckle. A thin one millimeter piece of plastic is used on the pinch portion of the buckle - making it incredibly fragile. While magnets in both the male and female portions of the buckle make it easier to latch, the weight of the magnets could be put to better use in strengthening the male buckle design.

From personal use, I have had the male buckle break twice, and the helmet unbuckle while climbing a few times. While one might be tempted to say this dude really beats up his gear or dislikes Petzl, it is the exact opposite. The majority of my climbing gear is Petzl: draws, headlamp, harness, reverso, grigri, etc.. and I absolutely love them. Great quality and have lasted years! My overall take on the Sirroco is as follows:

1) Ultra-lightweight (about as much as your average quick-draw)
2) Breathability (I live in the southeast, and my past helmets have made me sweat to no end. The Sirocco breathes so much better than all of them.)
3) From watching the product video it can take a beating so your head doesn't, but...

1) SAFETY: The magnetic buckle has a tendency to come undone, and the helmet falls off...
2) SAFETY: The male portion of the buckle also is very very fragile (a thin 1mm piece of plastic at the male pinch portion) and has a tendency to break...

Overall, I really want to use this helmet for all types of climbs (particularly multi-pitch/alpine), but the safety margin isn't there with the buckle. I really enjoy Petzl's products - using quite a lot of them myself, and this is the first to disappoint.

*Note: Petzl's customer service is absolutely amazing! They will send you replacement male buckle(s) and it's easy to replace... I just wish it was better designed.
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