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Edelrid Corbie 8.9

By Andy Anderson

  THOUGH IT EXPERTLY caught some massive whippers at the sport crag, the Corbie has a slightly stiffer hand than other ropes, and I found it to be ideal for ice and alpine climbing. The rope was easy to handle and easy to tie and knot while wearing gloves, and it also seemed less likely than other ropes to hang up during rappels. It is also slightly easier to untie from after a long or hard fall. On the down side, it has the lowest sheath proportion of the three, and after some mileage on sharp limestone and abrasive granite, was the first to show serious sheath wear.

The Corbie features a robust three-part treatment process. Both the core and sheath fibers are treated with Edelrid’s DryShield treatment, as well as ProShield, which bonds microscopic Teflon particles to the nylon fibers to increase strength and water resistance. Edelrid’s ThermoShield uses a heating process to prevent the rope shrinkage that can occur over time and ensure a 70-meter will stay that length—crucial for rope- stretching sport pitches and alpine rappels.

ABOUT THE RATING: The thinner sheath showed wear faster than the others.

—Andy Anderson


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This article was published in Rock and Ice issue 227 (July 2015).

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