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Acopa Aurora - Climbing Shoe Review



  • Steep rock: 3 Star
  • Face climbing: 2.5 Star
  • Long routes: 1.5 Star
  • Upper: Leather, unlined
  • Rubber: 3.8mm Acopa RS rubber

This is an all-around technical Velcro shoe sensitive enough for the gym but not so soft and banana-shaped that it spanks you on outdoor face climbs with a women's-specific fit. Our female testers loved the high arch, narrow and asymmetric toe box, and low-slung heel, but were disappointed with the weedy heel cup itself. A more grabby, aggressively tensioned heel it doesn't have to be deep would significantly rev up what is otherwise an excellent high-performance women's shoe.

Pros: Sporty shoe with a women's fit.

Cons: Passive heel (but also keeps the shoe comfortable.)

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