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La Sportiva TC Pro 

Price:   $180
Sizes:   US: (M) 4-13
Unisex Fit:   1
Women's Fit:   0
Closure Type:   Laces
Stifness:   Rigid
Last:   Flat
Lined:   0
Uses:   Cracks,Gym,Long Routes,Sport
Rubber:   XS Edge
Upper Material:   Leather
New This Year:   0

Manufacturer says:

Designed to provide powerful, technical edging AND crack climbing prowess without compromising either. This game changing, mid-height edging machine will take you out of a technical thin hands to rattley fingers crack and out on to the diciest dime edges you can find.

Editor's Review

Consumer Reviews

Duane Raleigh commented on 08-Nov-2013 01:29 PM5 out of 5 stars
The TC Pro is the best shoe in its class. In fact, it is the only shoe in its class, that being a mid-height, medium stiff to stiff shoe. This is the shoe you want for standing hard on your feet, i.e. face climbing. With almost all companies focusing entirely on soft shoes that require strong feet, great technique and overhanging rock, it is refreshing to see the TC Pro. I've used this shoe for three years and am on my second resoles, and it remains bomber. I bet I get two more resoles out of them, at least.

The stock rubber on the TC Pro will feel slick to most people, since it is harder to hold up on edges. You can do like me, and resole them with a softer rubber that smears better, if that is what you prefer. Or stick to the original rubber.

I found that the TC Pro, like wine, gets better with age. The leather upper molds to your foot and the midsole softens. Performance just improves.

The TC Pro rules for any type of face climbing, and cracks hand and wider. It is really comfortable. Fit snug but not as tightly as you'd fit a cambered soft shoe.

Complaints: Only one. The edges of the tongue like to roll over, causing pressure on the top of your foot. You have to be careful when you put the shoe on to make sure the tongue is nice and flat.

Serge Aucoin commented on 03-Mar-2014 11:35 AM5 out of 5 stars
Best shoes ever - super sticky and comfortable.
Ben Currens commented on 05-Mar-2014 10:37 AM4 out of 5 stars
Great shoes. I had heard some complaints about the stickiness of vibram rubber, but I cannot say I noticed a difference from stealth, c4, or traction. My only complaint is they run a little big, 1/2 size or so, at least in the smaller men's sizes.
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La Sportiva TC Pro