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The Story of Two Worlds Dai Koyamada V16 Sit Start
The Story of Two Worlds Dai Koyamada V16 Sit Start

Acopa Legend

$159 | Acopa Legend


The Legend is like LIKE an adjustable wrench: Good for everything and indispensable. Stiff and with a high-volume wide fit, the shoe is comfortable and it crushes credit-card edges. You can wear them all day for long routes, or for quick bouldering or sport burns. It's the perfect tool for my weak feet and routes vertical to slabby. They'd dominate at Tuolumne, Yosemite, RMNP and anywhere in the desert Southwest. Fit them with a sock (gumby!) and you can even deal with walk-offs.

The craftsmanship is superb. There are no loose threads, no slopped glue, no wild stitching. The eyelets are punched perfectly, the canvas lining isn't wrinkled and the twin-heel loops are stitched on the outside of the heel box so they don't chafe. The quality won't make the shoe climb any better, but will make it last longer and points to the love that went into the Legend.

I haven't worn a shoe this supportive since the Mariacher of 20-some years ago. It took me about a week to break it in, and several outings to get accustomed to the stifness. Smearing was never an issue: The super-tacky rubber sticks like flypaper to dishes. Heel and toe hooking were also excellent and the deep heel box locks your foot in, issuing a reassuring farting sound when you pull the boots on.

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