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Arc'teryx Aperture Chalk Bag Review


The first no-leak chalk bag, the Arcteryx Aperture.Arc'teryx Aperture | $29 for small; $35 for large | ★★★★

Arc'teryx's new leak-proof chalk bag ranks with the seedless watermelon as one of those things you didn't realize you were missing until you got it. For nearly 40 years I have accepted that my chalk bag would leak into my pack, dusting my shoes, lunch, jacket, cap, rack and rope with a chalk frosting.

That's just how it was until I got the Aperture chalk bag. Instead of having a leaky drawstring closure, this chalk bag twists shut like a garbage bag. The seal is chalk tight, but you do have to be sure and twist the bag in the proper direction, to the left. Twist the other way and the bag leaks. A minor detail that you do have to get right.

Aside from the revolutionary twist feature, the Aperture is a standard chalk bag. It holds chalk and come in two sizes, small and large. The small holds about a block of chalk and is easy to get your hand into and out of. The Aperture comes with a nice belt, and thanks to a plastic loop on the chalk bag, it slides easily on the belt so you can quickly move it into or out of your way.

Niggles: The bag has several large tags sewn inside. These are annoying and need cut out, as they feel like you have a piece of trash in your bag when you chalk up. The little snap that closes the bag is also annoyingly fussy to operate, especially when you have the bag on. I end up leaving my bag open most of the time when I'm wearing it, subject to dumpage by the wind.


I gave the Aperture four out of five stars, deducting one point because the bag doesn't hold much chalk for its size (the twist feature gobbles up over half of the bag's capacity) and because it is floppy.



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