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Bittersweet Single Wide Crash Pad Review


Bittersweet Single Wide, $130


I won't mince words. I like this pad. A lot. It has everything I want: plenty of real estate, with groovy carpet, shoulder straps and hip belt, tote handle and a large accessory pouch. The foam is good; it's not the most absorbent, but serviceable. My only gripe, and I'm nitpicking, is that the accessory pouch flops around when the pad is open and takes an extra couple of seconds to buckle shut. We got a kick out of the warning label that advised we Seek professional instruction. From whom, I wonder?

Bittersweet: 303-504-3611,

Open size: 42x48x3 inches (2 inches open-cell and 1 inch closed-cell foam)
Weight: 10 pounds
Closure system: Taco style
Carpeted deck: Yes
Accessory pocket: Yes
Side carrying handle: Yes
Suspension: Padded shoulder straps and hip belt
Cushioning: 4 stars
Ease of use (carrying and setup): 4 stars
Creature comforts (pockets, carpet, etc.): 5 starsFinal score: 4.5 stars

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