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Black Diamond Offset Micro Stoppers Review

$14.95 each, $87.95 set | 5 Stars


These tiny nuts are a compound of copper and iron machined to offset wedges and swaged with a patented technology that Black Diamond claims is strong, flexible and not prone to fraying. These are the next-generation RP. After a few trips up The Health Issue, a new granite 5.11 close to the office, I was impressed by the nuts' durability. Alloys usually dent and scratch pretty quickly, but the Micro Stoppers held up to some yanking, though (thankfully) no falls.

I really like the shape of the offset, which BD touts as optimized for pin scars. I found two natural seams on the route where the offset shape fit when a regular tapered steel nut didn't.

  • Copper/iron alloy in offset design provides excellent bite and strength.
  • Sizes 1 and 2 are for direct aid only.
  • Rated strengths (pounds): Size #1 - 440; 2 ± 660; 3 - 1,100; 4 - 1,320; 5 - 1,320; 6 - 1,760

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