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Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden Make First Ascent of Nyainqentangla South East
Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden Make First Ascent of Nyainqentangla South East
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Weekend Whipper: Ice Fall Wrecking Ball
Weekend Whipper: Ice Fall Wrecking Ball

Black Diamond Ozone Harness


Black Diamond Ozone Harness
4 stars

Conventional wisdom suggests that more padding, a wider swami and adjustable leg loops yield a more comfortable harness. But that’s not always true. I’ve climbed in dozens of harnesses from quilted big wall rigs to alpine g-strings and often the simplest designs are the most comfortable. That’s the case with Black Diamond’s Ozone. Streamlined, light as a snowflake and functional, the Ozone is marketed as a sport harness, but I’m using it for all types of rock climbing from cragging to multipitch trad. The Ozone is built with Kinetic Core Construction, a process where strands of Vectran (a strong, stable fiber used in spacesuits, ropes, and pro bike tires) are woven through the harness to help distribute load. The result is a light and comfortable harness without bulky padding to jab your side fat on high steps. I’d recommend the Ozone for sport climbs and trad routes where you’re carrying a single set of cams and nuts. I recently used it on the Rainbow Wall in Red Rocks, for example. On the downside: The Ozone could use a drop seat for mid-route, multi-pitch emergencies.

*Speed Adjust waist belt buckle.
*Bullhorn-shaped waist with Kinetic Core Construction.
*Four pressure-molded gear loops.
*Soft, breathable swami.
*11 oz.

Jeff Jackson

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