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Brain Puzzle Winner, Wins!


Damrongsak Wirasaet of Mishawaka, Indiana, crushed my brain puzzle posed in a TNB on June 18. Wirasaet correctly noted that if you have an 80-meter rope and want to climb as high as possible, and lower off twice, that your first anchor would be at 60 meters, letting you lower 20 meters to a second station at 40 meters. From 40 meters, a doubled 80-meter rope would get you safely to the ground. Wirasaet is an assistant research professor in civil engineering at the University of Notre Dame. He started climbing five years ago, and read Clip and Go, a little book John Long and I co-authored.

 For his prize, Wirasaet shall received a signed copy of Clip and Go, and a pair of Petzl Ascension ascenders. Use them safely my friend.

 Stay tuned for more Brain Puzzles, guaranteed to make you a safer and smarter climber or your money back.

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Paul Boley commented on 16-Jul-2013 02:20 AM3 out of 5 stars
Hi, I guess there is another solution. Namely, if your belayer is on the wall 80 m up. First you can follow up 80 m to him, then climb another 40 m up. He can lower you from a height of 120 m back to himself at 80 m, and then lower you the second time the remaining 80 m. Of course, without a second rope the belayer can't get down, but that's his problem!