• Pirmin Bertle Sends Meiose (~5.15b) in Switzerland
  • VIDEO: Martin Stráník Climbs Story of Two Worlds (V15)
  • Q&A: Ueli Steck On Reclaiming the Eiger Speed Record
  • Edu Marin Redpoints Chilam Balam (5.15b)
  • Martin Stráník Sends Story of Two Worlds (V15)
  • Top 10 Climbing Videos of 2015
  • A Step Too Far - The Tragic First Ascent of Kuksar
  • Climber Dies in a Fall at Dishman Hills, Washington
  • Ueli Steck Reclaims Eiger Speed Record
  • Jonathan Siegrist Crushes Papichulo (5.15a)
  • Kai Lightner Reflects on Competitions, Bouldering and the Future
  • Dani Andrada Sends Chilam Balam (5.15b)
  • VIDEO: Ondra and Markovič Crush in Kranj
  • Ondra, Markovič Crowned 2015 Lead World Champions
  • Crack Fix – How to Build a Home Crack Training System
  • VIDEO: Alex Puccio Storms the Buttermilks—Bishop, California
  • The K2 Summit Controversy
  • The Locomotive: Roy McMurtrey – 87 and Still Climbing
  • VIDEO: Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi Send New 5.15b's
  • Sherpa Makes Solo First Ascent on Himalayan Peak
  • Whittaker, McManus Claim 2nd Ascent of The Secret Passage, El Cap
  • Banff Mountain Book Competition Announces Winners
  • VIDEO: Climbing the 9th Grade (5.14d)
  • Hound Ears Competition Postponed Again
  • Jorg Verhoeven Sends Wheel of Life (V15)
  • Adam Ondra Establishes France's Hardest Route
  • Stefano Ghisolfi Establishes Italy’s First 5.15b
  • No Expectations: Joe Kinder Sends 6 5.14c's in Spain
  • Solar, Rock and Landmines—Alex Honnold Explores Angola
  • Big Wall Soloing on Bugs
  • Spotlight: Megan Mascarenas - The Logician
  • Triple Crown Bouldering Series Kicks Off at Stone Fort
  • Alpine Warriors - History of Alpinists in Yugoslavia
  • Niky Ceria Repeats Voyager Sit (V14)
  • Sonnie Trotter Fires Blue Jeans Direct (5.14a), Mount Yamnuska, Canada
  • VIDEO: Joe Kinder and Patxi Usobiaga Explore Cala Gonone, Italy
  • Logan Barber Frees Honeycomb Dome (5.13d) in China
  • Megos Cruises the Red River Gorge
  • Ondra, Kim Sweep Lead World Cup in Wujiang, China
  • How to Build a Home Climbing Wall
  • Winners of the 8th Annual Rock and Ice / Mammut Photo Contest
  • Alex Megos Sweeps the New River Gorge
  • $10,000 Granted for Anchor Replacement Across U.S.
  • Three Sherpas Complete Three Himalayan First Ascents in Three Days
  • Ashima Shiraishi Sends Nuclear War (V14), New York
  • Dan Mirsky Sends The Crew (5.14c) – Rifle, Colorado
  • Dave Graham Sends Thor's Hammer
  • David Lama Establishes Lebanon's Hardest Route
  • Marc-André Leclerc Free Solos Aguja Standhardt in Patagonia
  • Q&A: The Willpower of Mar Álvarez
  • Q&A: Ethan Pringle on Thor's Hammer (5.15a)
  • Tufas in Paradise – Angy Eiter Puts Up New 5.14s in Greece
  • Yosemite Facelift - Finding Beauty Behind the Trash
  • Novice Climbers Could Be Banned from Everest to “Maintain the Glory”
  • Daniel Woods Smashes Thor's Hammer (5.15a)
  • Sport Climbing Makes Shortlist for 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • Kim, Škofic Climb the Podium in Puurs
  • Trail Runner Now Hiring
  • Schaeli, Jasper, Gietl Establish Odyssee (5.13c) on the Eiger
  • VIDEO: Brette Harrington - Free Solo of Chiaro di Luna (5.11a)
  • Banff Mountain Book Competition Announces 2015 Finalists
  • A Youth Wasted Climbing
  • Q&A: Jesse Grupper – Youth World Championships Silver Medalist
  • Toru Nakajima Sends Paint It Black (V15) in RMNP
  • Everest ’96 – Unheard Voices of the 1996 Disaster
  • Paige Claassen Sends The Bleeding, Discusses First Female Ascents
  • Nalle Hukkataival Puts Up New V15 – The Stepping Stone
  • Nina Caprez and Barbara Zangerl Redpoint 1,400-foot Rätikon 5.14
  • Sachi Amma Redpoints Jungle Boogie, 5.15a
  • Bouldering Bub - Isaac Caldiero
  • Jonathan Siegrist Establishes New 5.14+ in the Fins
  • Alex Honnold Talks REEL ROCK 10
  • Climber Dies in Fall on Crestone Needle, CO
  • REEL ROCK 10 - Interview with Filmmaker Peter Mortimer
  • Marc-André Leclerc on Patagonian Climbing
  • She Goes! - Half Dome’s Regular Route Climbed After Rockfall
  • The Dawn of Urban Big Wall Speed Climbing
  • Climbing Beta: Rocktown, Georgia
  • Spotlight: Alexander Ruchkin - Russian Locomotive
  • Alpinists Killed Attempting New Route in Cordillera Blanca, Peru
  • Ondra Pioneers Four FA's in Norway
  • Tex Bossier, Golden Age Climber, Dies in France
  • Climbing Beta: El Potrero Chico, Mexico
  • Shiraishi, Garnbret Win Again at Arco Youth World Championships
  • Q&A: Carlo Traversi on Climbing the Eiger
  • Q&A: Sasha DiGiulian on Climbing the Eiger
  • Americans Claim Two Karakoram First Ascents
  • Scottish Team Climbs Paciencia on the Eiger North Face
  • VIDEO: How To Climb 5.14d and Hold A Job
  • Rocklands – How Far Are You
  • USA Girls Rise Up in Arco's IFSC Bouldering Youth and Junior World Championships
  • Seb Bouin Claims First Ascent in Verdon Gorge
  • Jakob Schubert Takes Third Ascent of Thor’s Hammer (5.15a)
  • Dave Graham Repeats Spray of Light (V15)
  • Sasha DiGiulian and Carlo Traversi Climb the Eiger North Face
  • Stormed Out – Sasha DiGiulian and Carlo Traversi Bail on Paciencia
  • Rappel Safer: How to Extend
  • Alex Megos Repeats Thor’s Hammer (5.15a), Flatanger Cave
  • VIDEO: Jonathan Siegrist Climbs La Rambla (5.15a)
  • Roskelleys Climb NE Buttress of Mount Slesse
  • Isabelle Faus Sends Amandla (V14)
  • Andy Kirkpatrick Solos Sea of Dreams on El Cap
  • Markovič, Supper Claim Gold in Stavanger
  • First Ascent of the Southwest Buttress of Mt. Waddington, B.C.
  • How To Make Your Own Clip Stick - Tips from Jonathan Siegrist
  • LIVE: IFSC Lead Climbing World Cup Stavanger 2015 - FINALS
  • Sasha DiGiulian, Carlo Traversi Go for Eiger Summit Push Tomorrow
  • Jonathan Hörst, 12, Sends Two 5.14’s
  • Best New Climbing Gear of 2016
  • Stanhope, Segal Free Bugaboos' Tom Egan Memorial Route at 5.14
  • Chon, Noguchi Crowned 2015 Bouldering World Cup Champions
  • Shauna Coxsey, Alexey Rubtsov Win Final Bouldering WC of the Year
  • Jon Krakauer: Climbing Everest was the Biggest Mistake I've Ever Made
  • LIVE: IFSC Bouldering World Cup Munich 2015
  • 82 and Done – Ueli Steck Completes Alps Mission in 61 Days
  • Lightning Halts Psicobloc, Jimmy Webb and Charlotte Durif Take Gold
  • Potrero Chico First Ascentionist “Magic” Ed Wright Dies
  • Jon Cardwell Snags Second Ascent of Shadowboxing (5.14d), Rifle
  • Mina Markovič, Romain Desgranges Win Lead World Cup, Imst, Austria
  • Staying Alive in the Death Sport Capital of the World
  • Eight Day Solo First Ascent of Bigwall Route on Mt. Huashan, China
  • Robert Pizem – Father First, Climber Second
  • British Team Makes First Ascent of The Mirror Wall, Greenland
  • Czech Up - Adam Ondra Climbs A Sparsely Bolted Sandstone Arête
  • Keep 'er Wild - Leave No Trace Tips for Rock Climbers
  • New Route and Deaths on Annapurna - World's Deadliest Mountain
  • Adam Ondra Claims Second Ascent of Sharma’s Three Degrees of Separation (5.14d), Céüse
  • Julianne Wurm and Jan Hojer On Sending Spree in Silvretta, Austria
  • Homestead: Access Fund Saves 360 Acres of Climbing Access in Arizona
  • Alex Johnson - The Pro Life and Growing Up as a Climber
  • 32-Year-Old Dutch Mountaineer Dies in Fall on Mount Blanc Massif
  • MERU: Highly Anticipated Climbing Film Premieres August 14th
  • Jesse Huey, Brette Harrington Claim Second and Third Free Ascents of Edge of Pan (5.13 R), Squamish
  • Margo Hayes, 17, Sends Two Rifle 5.14s in One Day
  • Vikki Weldon Makes Fourth Free Ascent of Adder Crack (5.13 R)
  • Hukkataival, Woods Claim First and Second Ascents of Get Railed (V14)
  • VIDEO: Stefano Ghisolfi Repeats Chris Sharma's Demencia Senil (5.15a)
  • REEL ROCK 10 Film Tour Lineup
  • Jain Kim, Gautier Supper Win Gold in Briançon, France
  • Karoline Sinnhuber Sends First V13, Charity Boulder, Silvretta
  • Juliane Wurm Ditches Comp Climbing for Real Rocks
  • VIDEO: Sicilian Deep Water Soloing
  • Conrad Anker, David Lama Put Up New Route on Temple of Sinewava
  • Rock Climbing Saved My Life: A Veteran’s Struggle with PTSD
  • Barbara Zangerl Sends Bellavista (5.14a, 500m)
  • ​The Edge of Extinction - First Ascent of Nanga Parbat's Mazeno Ridge
  • Daniel Woods V15 FA Spray of Light, Rocklands
  • Mina Markovič, Ramón Julián Puigblanque Win Lead World Cup, Chamonix, France
  • Seb Bouin Establishes 5.15a at Pic Saint-Loup
  • Ueli Steck Reaches Halfway Point on 82 Summits Project
  • Dave Graham Claims FA of Hatchet Prow (V14), Rocklands
  • UK/US Expedition Summits Unclimbed Himalayan Peak
  • MOVES - How Many Climbs Can You Identify From Just One Move?
  • Belay Ledge Disappears on Half Dome’s Regular Route
  • Jimmy Webb Makes Second Ascent of Livin Large (V15), Rocklands
  • Giorgia Tesio, 14, Makes First Female Ascent of Chay (5.13d)
  • Dimitri Vogt, 18, Sends Cabane au Canada (5.14d)
  • Anthony Johnson Onsights Jihad - Third Ascent of “Terrifying” Vedauwoo Offwidth
  • Time-Lapse: Lightning Triggers Multiple Wildfires in Zion
  • Only Two Seats Left at the John Long Writing Symposium
  • Nacho Sánchez Sends Monkey Wedding (V15)—Rocklands
  • Climbing Access Victory – Michigan’s AAA Walls Re-Opened
  • ​First World Cup Victory for Petra Klingler - Haiyang, China
  • Grampians: Best Bouldering in the World or Overrated?
  • Stefano Ghisolfi Sends Sharma’s Biographie/Realization (5.15a)
  • Sean McColl, Akiyo Noguchi Win Bouldering World Cup, Chongqing, China
  • The Beatnik of the Alps: A tale of FA's, Rescues, Love, and Suicide
  • Ueli Steck, Michi Wohlleben: Eighty-two Summits in 80 days
  • Untouched Rock: Angie Eiter, Bernie Ruech Develop New Crag in Greece
  • Massive Rockfall in Yosemite's Tenaya Canyon
  • Hazel Findlay on Positivity, Being Bold and Staying Focused
  • Cameron Hörst, 14, Sends First 5.14b, Raubritter
  • Josh Ibbertson, 11, Sends Raindogs (5.13b)
  • Jonathan Siegrist: 5.14 First Ascent in the Flatirons, Colorado
  • Chris Sharma Free-Climbs California’s Redwoods
  • Sasha DiGiulian Makes First Female Ascent of La Coccinelle Trump L'oeil (5.14), Verdon Gorge
  • Stefano Ghisolfi Sends Hell'Avaro (5.14c/d)
  • For Sale: 10 Acres at Donner Summit
  • Roland Hemetzberger Repeats Ondra’s Fugu (5.14d)
  • Iranian Team Climbs First Ascent on Karambony Tower, Madagascar
  • Megan Mascarenas, Nathaniel Coleman on the Podium in Vail
  • Inside the Mind of Ethan Pringle – Climbing Jumbo Love (5.15b)
  • Sachi Amma - Second and Last Ascent of Tinipi (5.15a), Borneo Earthquake
  • Adam Ondra Flashes Jade (V14), Don’t Get Too Greedy (V13) after Vail WC
  • LIVE: 2015 IFSC Bouldering World Cup, Vail
  • Emily Harrington Sends Golden Gate (5.13) on El Capitan
  • GoPro Mountain Games Hosts Bouldering World Cup
  • VIDEO: Hazel Findlay - Giving El Cap's Pre-Muir (5.13+) a Try
  • Adam Ondra Sends White Noise (V14/15), Flashes Bear Toss (V13)
  • Austrian Alpinists Summit Unclimbed Mt. Reaper in Alaska.
  • Mateusz Haladaj Sends Sharma’s Papichulo (9a+/5.15a)
  • Anna Stöhr and Alban Levier Take Gold in Toronto
  • LIVE: IFSC Bouldering World Cup Toronto 2015
  • Twenty-two Year Old Dies in Rappelling Accident on El Cap
  • IFSC World Cup in Toronto May 30-31
  • Ramp Up Your Training with Fun
  • Sébastian Bouin Claims Third Ascent of Chilam Balam (5.15b), Spain
  • Bouldering Competition to be Held in Memory of Tito Traversa
  • Only Two Spots Left in the John Long Writing Symposium!
  • Alex Puccio on Training, Bodyweight and Crowdfunding
  • Vasya Vorotnikov, Claire Bresnan Claim Bouldering Titles at Riverrock
  • VIDEO: Tommy Caldwell Cruises Ice-Covered Crack
  • Kev Shields – High Solace: Demons, Depression and Solo Climbing
  • Siegrist Sends Le Cadre Nouvelle (5.14d)–“Best climbing trip of my life”
  • Germans Win Big at European Bouldering Championships
  • VIDEO: Raw Power Vs Flawless Technique
  • Ethan Pringle Sends Jumbo Love (5.15b) – Hardest Sport Climb in America
  • Dean Potter Killed in Wingsuit Accident in Yosemite
  • Solo Climber Found Dead on Denali
  • LIVE STREAM: European Bouldering Championships 2015 – Semi-finals
  • VIDEO: Gord McArthur - The Man Behind the Machine
  • Logan Barber Frees The Firewall (5.13d)—Hardest Trad Line in China
  • Training Beta: How to Warm Up For Route Climbing
  • A Second Earthquake and A Shorter Everest
  • Sherpa Future Fund and Account of the April 25 Everest Avalanche
  • Dai Koyamada Sends Three-Year “Super Project”
  • Chris Sharma Onsights Snuff Movies (8c/5.14b), Catalonia, Spain
  • 2015 Ice Climbing Trip Report: Montana, Wyoming and Norway
  • Calling All Non-Sponsored Climbers
  • Melloblocco 2015: World's Largest International Bouldering Festival
  • Dean Potter Sets New Half Dome FKT
  • Indian Creek, Cedar Mesa Under Threat by Utah Legislature
  • Nepal Disaster Relief: How You Can Help
  • Dani Arnold Breaks Ueli Steck’s Speed Record on the Matterhorn
  • Big Men: 5.15a First Ascent by Iker Pou, Spain
  • A Summitless Year for Everest? North Side Closed, Retreat from the South
  • Training Beta: How to Make Yourself Try Hard
  • Q&A: Angie Scarth-Johnson, 10, On Tijuanita (5.14a)
  • Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, Mecca Extension (5.14b) and What it Means to be a Climber
  • Climbing Accident: Earthquake, Avalanche, 21 Dead on Everest, Over 4,600 in Nepal
  • VIDEO: Chris Sharma Sends El Bon Combat (5.15b/c)
  • Angie Scarth-Johnson, 10, Climbs Her First 5.14b
  • VIDEO: Yvon Chouinard on the Today Show
  • VIDEO: Lynn Hill, Real Life Superhero
  • Angy Eiter Sends Era Vella (5.14d), Spain
  • Sufferfest: Alex Honnold and Cedar Wright on Nat Geo Live
  • VIDEO: Sasha DiGiulian on the Deep Bond Between Climbing Partners
  • Geyikbayiri Saved: Climbers Stop Mining Operation at Turkey’s Largest Crag
  • Pamela Pack Establishes 5.13 Offwidth, American Horror Story
  • Jacopo Larcher Gets Second Ascent of Helmutant (5.14d), Italy (With Video)
  • Carlo Traversi Bags Bad Girls Club (5.14d), Rifle, Colorado
  • Training Beta: Mark and Mike Anderson’s Guide to Hangboard Training
  • Daniel Woods, Jon Cardwell Send Kryptonite (5.14d)
  • Puccio Sends V10, V11 and V12 in One Day
  • Plane Crash Kills Climber Andy Tyson
  • Jakob Schubert Gets Second Ascent of Bügeleisen Sit, Austria’s First V15
  • 2015 Piolets d’Or Awards
  • Rub it Raw: Mike Anderson, Bryan Bird Free Five-Pitch 5.13 in Zion
  • Alex Megos Downunder
  • Vikki Weldon Sends Los Humildes pa Casa (5.14a), Oliana, Spain
  • Q&A: Sonnie Trotter On Estado Critico (5.14d)
  • Roads, Bridges Washed Out At Red River Gorge
  • Kai Lightner Sends His First 5.14d, Era Vella, Spain
  • Sonnie Trotter Sends Estado Critico (5.14d), Siurana, Spain
  • Ramón Julián Puigblanque: Two 5.14d's and Two 5.15a's in Four Days
  • Matt Segal Bags 2nd Ascent of Carbondale Short Bus (5.14-)
  • VIDEO: Dave MacLeod – Project Fear
  • VIDEO: Training with Adam Ondra
  • Climb Safe: Do Ropes Need to Rest Between Falls?
  • Rock Climbing Training: How to Lose Weight for Climbing
  • Dean Potter: When Dogs Fly
  • Q&A: Jesse Grupper, 2015 SCS National Championship Runner-Up
  • Kai Lightner, Delaney Miller Win 2015 SCS National Championships
  • LIVE: 2015 SCS National Championships
  • Annapurna Claims Two More Lives
  • ​Carlo Traversi Sends Kryptonite (5.14d)
  • Climb Safe: Re-Slinging Cams
  • Roland Wagner: A 21-Year Dream to Climb 5.14d (With Video)
  • Ashima Ticks Another Project in Spain
  • Alex Megos: Japan Sendathon
  • Jonathan Siegrist Sends La Rambla (5.15a)
  • Climb Safe: Daisy Chain Dangers
  • VIDEO: Ontario Climbing
  • Ethan Pringle Sends La Reina Mora (5.14d)
  • Ashima Shiraishi Climbs Possible 5.15a
  • Rock Climbing Accident: Climber Falls to Death, Apparent Bolt Failure
  • Climb Safe: Can A Hot Belay Device Melt My Slings?
  • Golden Moment: Bill Ramsey Sends 5.14b at 54
  • VIDEO: Alex Megos on Lucid Dreaming (V15)
  • Mason Earle Establishes New 5.14 Crack Climb
  • Wildfire Tears Through Cape Town Crags
  • Siberian Express: New 5.14c from Mark Anderson
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Canadian Ice: By John Price
  • Lead Singer of The Rebel Spell Dies in Climbing Accident
  • Ryan Vachon and Sarah Hueniken Crush Vail’s Hardest Mixed Lines
  • Caldwell, Honnold, Practice Your Speeches for the 2015 Piolets d’Or
  • Chris Sharma Sends El Bon Combat (5.15b/c)
  • LIVE STREAM: Climbing Works International Festival 2015
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Women of Rock 3 in HD
  • Magic Woods
  • Alex Johnson: FA of The Swoop (V10), with Video
  • VIDEO: Teton Gravity: The Himalayas from 20,000 ft.
  • 2015 Rock and Ice Photo Camp Enrollment Now Open
  • First Free-Solo of Chiaro di Luna (5.11a), Fitz Roy Massif, Patagonia
  • Q&A: Ondra Sends Necessary Evil, Says Failures Are Reasons to Train
  • Pakistan to Train High-Altitude Police Unit to Protect Climbers
  • Marc-André Leclerc Solos Corkscrew on Cerro Torre
  • New Winter Route on the Troll Wall, Romsdal, Norway
  • New Paltz Climbing Gym Burns Down
  • Hueco Tanks Public Use Plan Under Review
  • Kwon YoungHye Sends World's Hardest Mixed-Climbs In A Season
  • Everest: Reroute Through Khumbu Icefall for the 2015 Climbing Season
  • Sachi Amma Sends 5.15a on 4th Attempt, in Santa Linya, Spain
  • Griffin Whiteside Sends The Big Island (V15) in Fontainebleau
  • Royal Canadian Air Force Sgt. Missing After Ice Climbing Accident
  • Puccio and Woods Both Claim 9th ABS National Title
  • Colin Haley and Marc-André Leclerc Put Up New Routes in Patagonia
  • Papert Claims Second Ascent of M12 Scarefest
  • Sneak Peek: The Dawn Wall Issue Is On The Way!
  • Messner Capped the Hour at the AAC’s 2015 Annual Benefit Dinner
  • Sachi Amma Sends Sharma's Fight or Flight (5.15b) in Oliana, Spain
  • Climbing Guide Dies in Fall
  • VIDEO: Will Gadd Sends Niagara Falls
  • Will Gadd Climbs a Frozen Niagara Falls
  • SlabMaster: Klemen Bečan Onsights 5.14c in Spain (With Video)
  • The Quinfecta: Classic San Juan Colorado Ice Climb Link-up
  • Alex Megos Sends Lucid Dreaming (V15)
  • Nalle Hukkataival Cranks First Ascent of Kintsugi (V15)
  • Nick Duttle Sends 5.14d Project in New Mexico
  • The Grand Experience: Superbowl XLIX to Host Rock Climbing Wall
  • Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson Appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Oregon Climber Killed in Fall
  • Climbing Film "Meru" Makes it into the Sundance Film Festival
  • Acclaimed Cellist Ben Sollee Raises Money for Red River Gorge
  • Q&A: Jason Kehl Proves that Hueco Tanks Is Far From Climbed Out
  • Daniel Woods Sends The Process-Possible V16
  • Robert Craig, K2 Survivor, Author and Educator, Dies
  • The Dawn Wall Goes Down!
  • The Film "Valley Uprising" is Now Available Here
  • Guidebook Worth its Weight in Gold, Selling for $1,000
  • Dawn Wall Update: Jorgeson Catches Caldwell, Final Push Begins
  • Dawn Wall Update: Jorgeson Sends Dyno, Two Pitches Away from Wino Tower
  • Gadd Wins Ouray, Again
  • Dawn Wall Update: Jorgeson Sends Pitch 15!
  • Dawn Wall Update: Caldwell Sends Last 5.14 Pitch!
  • Sasha DiGiulian to Compete in Ouray Ice Fest
  • Dawn Wall Update: Caldwell Sends Pitch 16!
  • Sam Elias Reports on New Routes in Lebanon
  • Dawn Wall Update: Caldwell and Jorgeson Both Send Crux Pitch!
  • Caldwell and Jorgeson are Charging Up The Dawn Wall
  • Ashima Shiraishi Climbs V12 in Bishop
  • Toni Lamprecht Establishes Black Flag (5.14c/d)
  • Video: Niky Ceria Bouldering in Albarracin, Spain Before the Chalk Ban
  • Desert Climbing Legend Eric Bjornstad Has Died
  • Adam Ondra Flashes Chromosome Y (5.14d)
  • TNB: The Story Behind the Craziest of Rescues
  • Broken Rules and Broken Problems in Red Rock, Nevada
  • Will Mayo Sends Jedi Mind Tricks (M13) and Establishes Mustang (M14)
  • Jeff Mercier Onsights D13
  • Climbing Saves At-Risk Youth in Mexico
  • Ascent, Now Accepting Stories
  • Jimmy Webb Takes Down Defying Gravity (V15)
  • Climber Dies From Fall in the Gunks
  • Tommy Caldwell Sends Last Hard Pitch on the Dawn Wall
  • Ondra Takes First in Lead World Cup
  • Honnold Frees El Cap's Muir Wall (5.13b/c) in 12 Hours with No Falls
  • Clif Bar's Response: A Letter to the Climbing Community
  • Delaney Miller Jumps From V7 to V11
  • Drew Ruana, 15, Sends an American Classic - Just Do It (5.14c)
  • Alex Megos Sends Mandala Sit Start (V13/14)
  • Dave Pegg, King of Rifle, Has Died
  • Honnold, Potter, and Others Fired by Clif Bar for Soloing
  • Jorg Verhoeven Free Climbs the Nose (5.14) on El Cap
  • Jakob Schubert Wastes No Time in Magic Wood
  • Jimmy Webb Makes First Ascent of Wyoming’s Multiverse (V14)
  • New Outhouse in Indian Creek in Honor of Black Diamond Engineer
  • Gear Review: Mammut Realization Shorts
  • Another New Speed Record on the Nose for Sauter and Smith-Gobat
  • Gabriele Moroni Finishes Three-Year Project—Goldrake (5.15a)
  • Martin Stranik Repeats Practice of the Wild (V15)
  • Libby Sauter and Mayan Smith-Gobat Break El Cap Speed Record
  • Nina Caprez Sends 5.14b at a New Crag in Turkey
  • Ondra and Kim Back on Top at Inzai World Cup
  • Marieta Akalski Cranks in Spain, Sends Florida (5.14b)
  • Vandalism Across National Parks
  • Sonnie Trotter Establishes His Hardest Trad Climb - Family Man (5.14b)
  • Climber Dies in Fall at Zion National Park
  • Pete Whittaker Flashes Freerider (5.12d) on El Cap
  • Déjà Vu for Women, Ghisolfi Gets First Gold
  • Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Sends Mecca Extension (5.14b)
  • J-Star is Livin' Astro (5.14c)
  • Alex Huber Establishes 10-Pitch Alpine 5.14b
  • Bouldering in Namibia
  • Hukkataival Puts Up "One of the Best Boulders" He's Ever Climbed
  • Surprise in Korea: Ondra Out of Finals, Nice Wins for Schubert and Markovic
  • Scott Cosgrove Gravely Injured
  • Updated! Back-to-Back Strong Sends for Angela Eiter
  • DiGiulian and Marin Send 1,000-Foot 5.14 in Sardinia
  • Fabian Buhl Expands Repertoire With Six-Pitch Silbergeier (5.14a)
  • New Four-Pitch Mixed Testpiece in Utah
  • Katharina Saurwein Becomes Third Woman to Send Nuthin' But Sunshine (V13)
  • VIDEO: Mark Heal Makes FA of Holy Rails Sit (V13) in Tuolumne
  • Two V14s in a Day for Dave Graham
  • Oakdale Climbers Festival Themed "A Woman's Reach"
  • Avalanche Kills Two On 8,000m Himalayan Peak
  • Fred Nicole Sends The Escapist (V14)
  • Canadian Crusher Marieta Akalski Storms Rifle, Sends Her First 5.14a
  • The Naked Edge Done in 26 Minutes, See Video Clip
  • Mountain Guide Latest IS Victim
  • Daniel Woods Bags First Ascent at 14,000 Feet
  • VIDEO: Jorg Verhoeven and Katharina Saurwein Rip It Up in RMNP
  • Lee Sheftel Climbs 5.13b at 68 Years Old
  • Alex Puccio Sends Her Second V14, Wheel of Chaos
  • Brette Harrington Makes Second Female Ascent of the Trad Route Shadow (5.13a)
  • Cheyne Lempe and Ethan Pringle Climb New Route in Yosemite
  • Jon Cardwell Sends Wheel of Chaos (V14) In A Day
  • VIDEO: The Psychology of Climbing Champion Ramón Julián
  • World Cup Climber Sean McColl Dominates American Ninja Warrior
  • Jonathan Siegrist Develops Hard Routes in Idaho
  • Alex Megos Sends His Longest Project Yet—Geocache
  • Climber Dies From Fall On Mount Garfield, Washington
  • Q&A: Yuji Hirayama Wants More UK Trad
  • VIDEO: Inside the Mind of a Free Soloist - Tom Randall Goes Ropeless
  • Nalle Hukkataival Sends V15 Project in Australia
  • James Pearson Flashes Something’s Burning (5.13d X) in Wales
  • Yuji Hirayama Sends 5.13+ R Trad Testpiece
  • Chris Bonington, 80, Sends Old Man of Hoy for his Birthday
  • Alex Puccio's Outdoor Climbing Pays Off At Arco
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  • Ondra Dominates Bouldering Championships, Puccio Takes Silver
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    Video Spotlight
    30 Desert Towers - Moab, Utah
    30 Desert Towers - Moab, Utah

    TNB: Climbers We Lost in 2013


    Tito Traversa, 12

    Tito Traversa was the future. Photo courtesy of Traversa collection.Nothing, it is safe to say, broke the heart of the world community like the boy who didn’t get to grow up. Tito Traversa of Italy was the future, a climbing prodigy who at 12 already moved as if he’d spent decades refining his craft. He had onsighted 5.13a, sent his fourth 5.14. The young Tito died on a warmup route, out for a day of climbing with a youth group at the mellow-natured area of Orpierre, France. As he clipped the anchor and lowered, several incorrectly set-up quickdraws failed, zippering him to a groundfall. In the wake of shared international grief and soul-searching, climbers took a worried look at the very young stars whose emergence has in recent years been so exciting.

    Wrote Peter Beal on his website Mountains and Water, “[H]is death puts us in very new territory for the sport, where parents especially have to ask what they can do to respect their children's desire to climb while being careful to acknowledge that they are not responsible independent adults.”

    Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, parent and youth coach, wrote briefly but also memorably: “Buddy check every time, kiddos, including your gear!”

    Layton Kor, 74

    Kor, who died April 21, was the driving force of a generation, rising to preeminence in the 1950s and 1960s. He burned through partners: from the greats of the day to anyone he might grab to go. His classics in Eldorado Canyon include FAs (using aid, as was common) of the Yellow Spur (5.9) and the Naked Edge (5.11). There were also: the Kor Ingalls (5.9) route on Castleton Tower and Finger of Fate on the Titan, in the Fisher Towers, among others in desert Utah. The Yellow Wall (V 5.8 A4) on the Diamond Face of Long’s Peak. The South Face of Washington Column. Kor’s pictorial memoir Beyond the Vertical is a classic as well.

    Layton Kor on the first ascent of Monster Tower, Canyonlands, in 1963. Courtesy Layton Kor collection.Five years ago, when he gave a talk in Boulder, the original venue of Neptune Mountaineering was changed to a university auditorium to accommodate the crowds, and that venue sold out, too, with disappointed people at the doors. That evening Kor talked humorously about being a glutton—“We were hogs,” he said—for climbing. Kor was already in declining health, and speech was viewed as his probable final retrospective. He spoke of climbs worldwide, but did not address the traumatic and defining event of John Harlin’s death in 1966 as they, Christian Bonington and Dougal Haston forged a route up the North Face of the Eiger.
    Among many historic tributes to Kor is this gem from Yvon Chouinard, in describing the first ascent of the North American Wall, El Capitan: “The reason it was so scary was that there was only one climber capable of rescuing us, and that was Layton Kor, and he was in Colorado.”

    Click HERE to read Layton Kor's Obituary by Rock and Ice.

    Billy Beckwith

    William John “Billy” Beckwith, 38, died in San Francisco on December 2 when a car hit him on his motorcycle. He was the brother of Christian Beckwith, founder of outerlocal.com and former editor of Alpinist. The two grew up on a farm on the coast of Maine, where Billy began climbing at age 15 on the side of the family’s 150-year-old barn.

    Billy Beckwith hosted an HGTV show while dreaming of nearby Yosemite. Photo by Jeff Johnson.“We’d culled rocks from the fields, drilled holes in them using our father’s press drill, bolted them to the barn walls and traversed above the mud,” recalls Christian. They also climbed up under the roof, top-rope protected by a single eyebolt drilled into the roof slats.

    Twenty years of adventure followed. Billy gained North American summits and El Cap routes. In his early 20s, he and Jason Lakey bicycled across Mexico from Texas to Guatemala, on the way summiting Pico de Orizaba with jerry-rigged gear and much spirit.

    Billy worked as a builder, a dancer, an actor, a model, and eventually as co-host of HGTV’s “Curb Appeal.”

    From Christian: “While this ‘day job’ got him in front of millions on TV, his heart remained in the mountains and on the walls, particularly of Yosemite.”

    Randy Udall

    Randy Udall, a lifelong mountain person and energy analyst,  fought to conserve and preserve. Photos by Weston BoylesAfter a weeklong search, Randy Udall, 61, was found in early July: off trail (yet on his intended route), pack on his back and ski poles in hand, in a meadow in the Wind Rivers of Wyoming. He was 61 and had died of natural causes. Udall spent a lifetime in the mountains, was an Outward Bound wilderness instructor, had done plenty of technical climbing but mostly liked mileage, covering huge distances on skis or foot, or scrambling.

    Son of a Congressman, brother and cousin of U.S. senators, Randy was part of a family that championed both public service and preservation of the outdoors. Randy, an energy expert and writer, promoted energy efficiency, conservation, and use of renewable resources, co-founding the progressive yet pragmatic Community Office for Resource Efficiency.

    Udall, who lived in Carbondale, Colorado, was married to Leslie Emerson, an educator and former Outward Bound instructor, daughter of the acclaimed mountaineer Dick Emerson of Tetons climbing and the first American Everest expedition of 51 years ago. Randy Udall left behind three children as well as his wife, a large extended family, and a lifetime of good work.

    Click HERE to see Rock and Ice's original report of Udall's disappearance.

    Steve Gladbach
, 52, of Pueblo, Colorado, died in a fall on June 23 while descending Thunder Pyramid, a 13,932-foot mountain in the Elk Range of Colorado. He had told his companions he was scouting a different line to return to.

    Steve Gladbach, center, with mountain friends. On the left is Britt Jones, and on the right, Josh Friesma.Gladbach was an experienced mountaineering guide and the first person to ascend all of Colorado 14,000-foot peaks during the winter and reach the summit of all of Colorado’s 13,000-foot peaks.

    He appears by far best remembered, though, as a mentor, who welcomed, coached, and encouraged dozens and dozens of people up mountains. The site 14ers.com was deluged at the time of his death.

    Wrote one person, describing himself as a newbie, of a day on the 14er Mount Elbert: “Kevin and I were the last two reached the summit. There is no way we could make it without Steve's help. I remember I told him he looks like Harrison Ford and he couldn't stop laughing.”

    Gladbach was a high-school math teacher. He left behind two daughters.

    Steve Johnson, 55, 
of Tucson, a prolific route developer on Mount Lemmon and in the Cochise Stronghold, Arizona, was found on a rope in the Santa Rita mountains. He had been scoping a new wall and route. His body was covered in hundreds of bee stings from a nest he had inadvertently disturbed. The swarm also killed his dog, waiting for him at the top of the cliff.

    Brian Benedon posted on Mountain Project: “Steve was a great person, a simple man with honest values. He was a dedicated family man.”

    Steve Johnson.Says Eric Fazio-Rhicard, a longtime Arizona climber who was part of the search and recovery effort: “He really was one of those people who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.”

    Johnson was an integral part of development of many routes along the Mt. Lemmon Highway and other areas. He found and led climbing efforts at an area called Revindell, putting in a dozen bolted lines. His last find was a place he called Avalon, at Mount Lemmon. It became a destination for moderate leaders, replete with a few trad lines and at least a dozen sport climbs ranging from 5.4 to 5.12.

    He leaves behind two sons, Kyle and Ryan, and a daughter, Deven.

    Alexey Bolotov, 50, 
died May 14, 2013, while trying to establish a new route on the SW Face of Everest. Bolotov was that rarity, a winner of two Piolets d’Or awards, one in 1998 for Makalu West Face and another for the Janna North Face expedition. He was also veteran of many Everest trips and success on Khan Tengri and Thalay Sagar. He was with another leading high-altitude climber, Denis Urubko, a Kazakh climber. Urubko wrote on the Russian website Mountain.ru that Bolotov when a rappel rope severed, and he fell 300 meters. Bolotov was from Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was rated the USSR mountaineering champion in 1987.
    Alexey Bolotov.

    Yang Chunfeng, 45, was one of 11 innocent 
mountaineers killed in the terrorist attack June 22 on Nanga Parbat. He had climbed Everest in 2007 and 2009, and Cho Oyu in 2008 among 11 of the world’s 14 highest peaks, the only Chinese climber to ascend so many. His other peaks were Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga, Gasherbrum II, Gasherbrum I Annapurna, Lhotse, K2 and Makalu, according to the South China Morning Post.

    Sixteen attackers stormed basecamp on Nanga Parbat at about 9:30 p.m., hauling climbers and staff from their tents, first robbing them and then destroying all electronics such as satellite and mobile phones, and finally shooting some. The Pakistani Taliban later claimed responsibility.

    The other victims, all male, were: Igor Sviergun, Badavi Kashaiev and Konyayev Dmytro (Ukraine); Anton Dobes and Peter Perka (Slovakia); Honglu Chen (China-American dual citizenship); Sona Sherpa (Nepal); Ernestas Marksaitis (Lithuania); and Ali Hussain (Pakistan).

    In an open letter to the UIAA, the president of the Alpine Club of Pakistan wrote: “I take this opportunity to express our deepest and heartfelt condolences, share grief and sincerely apologize for the tragic loss of these mountaineering comrades … [G]eneral masses and Government of Pakistan are shocked and shattered.”

    Read Is Pakistan Safe for Climbers?

    Marty Schmidt on Makalu. Photo by Chris Warner.Marty and Denali Schmidt. 
The father-son team last radioed from Camp 3 on the Abruzzi Ridge, K2, on July 26. Sometime that night or the next day both were lost in an avalanche that wiped out their camp. Marty, 53, was an experienced American guide and mountaineer who had moved to New Zealand. He had started climbing in California in 1972, soon became a guide, and progressed to climbs in Alaska (climbing Denali three times in the 1983 season) and South America. In 1988 he moved to New Zealand, guiding many peaks there and in Europe. In 2010 he attempted a new route on Makalu, rescued his ill partner, and then climbed the mountain solo even after rescuing three Ukrainian climbers on the way. His resume, in fact, contains rescues on Denali, Aconcagua and Everest – as well as one of nine people from a hotel fire in the Philippines, according to everestnews.com.

    He climbed a new route on Everest, from Tibet, in 1994, and guided the mountain only this past spring. According to http://climber.co.nz, he also summited Kangchenjunga; guided (three times) and soloed (twice) Cho Oyu; and climbed Gasherbrum I and II solo.

    Denali, 25, had recently graduated from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and was an experienced climber as well. 
    As described by the American climber Jake Norton on his website: “In 2001, Marty and Denali had a climbing tour-de-force in Alaska, guiding clients to the North and South summits of Mount McKinley (Denali), then climbing the Sultana Ridge on Mt. Foraker before sending a new route on the Southwest Face of Denali in a 29-pitch, 29-hour blitz. The route was pretty burly, and aptly named Dad and Son (5.10 A2 WI5).”

    After the tragedy, a British climber, Adrian Hayes, released a statement from basecamp: "Marty and Denali ... were very well known, highly experienced and extremely strong mountaineers - the last people many would expect to be killed on a mountain."

    A eulogy posted by their friend and Broad Peak/ K2 teammate Chris Warner (Australia) on climber.co.nz states, “In my 18 years of climbing this is the most tragic of accidents I have personally experienced.”

    Warner called the trio’s acclimatization climb of Broad Peak “comfortable,” writing: “Both Marty and Denali were climbing strong on the mountain with Denali showing all the talent of his father, he had his father’s legs, lungs and heart. It was inspiring to watch a 8000m novice climb with such ease.”

    Kevin Volkening. Photo courtesy of Black Diamond.
    Kevin Volkening, 25, a 
Black Diamond engineer and employee, was killed climbing in Clark’s Fork, Wyoming, on August 30. “K-Bone,” as he was fondly known, had led up the final pitch of a moderate route when a block dropped out from beneath him. He fell about 50 feet, hitting a ledge. He was wearing a helmet and his friends reached him swiftly, but to no avail.

    Kevin graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman in 2012 with a degree in chemical and biological engineering, having also gained many days of climbing in Gallatin Canyon. A year and a half before the accident he moved to Salt Lake City to take his dream job, working for Black Diamond in quality assurance, and to be near his favorite climbing area, Indian Creek.

    The Black Diamond website posted this note: “Kevin was always smiling, always willing to help out and always…ALWAYS psyched to climb. The tag line from his personal blog reads ‘I LOVE to climb…everything,’ and it was true—from rock and ice all across the Western US and alpine routes in Alaska, to local bouldering and training at the gym—Kevin was a climber, and shared his positive energy with everyone.”

    A friend, Will Parrett, posted this comment: “Most people at BD consider themselves climbers, that is, until they meet K-Bone. Climbing was everything to Kevin, second only to his lovely Wife (perhaps 1A and 1B). Whether asleep, at work, or in his spare time, K-Bone lived climbing. He did it well, was humble, and was more stoked when a buddy sent a route than when he did.”

    He is survived by his wife, Marge Coyle Volkening; his parents, sisters and extended family.

    John Ewbank on Clockwork Orange in the Blue Mountains in 1993. Photo by Greg Child.John Ewbank pioneered hundreds, possibly over 1,000, new routes across his adopted homeland of Australia, with many still considered among the country’s great classics of today. His Janicepts (21 / 5.11a) at Mount Piddington was for years the hardest climb in the country; he was the first to climb the world-famous Totem Pole in Tasmania; he started Australia’s first climbing magazine, known as Thrutch; and he originated Australia’s enviably simple rock-climbing rating system.

    A creative force in and out of climbing, Ewbank later moved to the United States, pursuing careers in music and in fine woodcraft in New York City, with recreational climbing at the nearby Shawangunks and further north, in New Hampshire. Ewbank died at (or within weeks of turning) age 65 in New York following a series of surgeries, the last an abdominal surgery from which he was healing poorly.

    During his time in New York, he released two CD’s (still available), named “Songs From the Bright Side (of a dark cell)” and “Stark Raving Songs.”

    See Ewbank's Obituary by Rock and Ice

    Jarad Spackman, 40, was a snowboard mountaineer and a lifelong climber with dozens of ascents in the Tetons. He died March 1 when he was avalanched about 1,000 feet from Apocalypse Couloir near the mouth of Death Canyon, Grand Teton National Park. His companion in the ski mountaineering foray, during which an adjacent steep chute as their objective, was Christian Beckwith. Beckwith reached and found him, but resuscitation efforts were futile.

    Jarad Spackman graduated summa cum laude in international finance from the University of Colorado, and returned to his native Jackson to work in real estate with his father and brother.  Photo by Christian Beckwith. The energetic and positive Spackman, a realtor as well as all-around mountain athlete, left a wife and family.

    An obituary in the Jackson Hole News paraphrased Jarad’s brother Brandon in writing: “He was a world-class athlete, a connected community member, a loving husband, a special friend, a talented businessman, a much-loved son and an incredible brother.” Jarad and Brandon climbed in Alaska, the Himalaya, Antarctica and Iceland, while Jarad and his wife, Stephanie, rock climbed across the United States, to Cuba and Thailand.

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