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Edelweiss Laser 9.6 Climbing Rope Review


$180lazer-rope2 LIBERTYMOUNTAIN.COM 3 stars

This hardcore rope from Edelweiss is light and right for sporty sends and long onsights. As a bonus, it comes in a red, green and yellow rattlesnake pattern.

At 61 grams per meter, it's right in there with other ropes of similar diameter, and I barely noticed the Laser on the endless, taxing and monotonous 35-meter pitches I've been tying into recently. Unlike babies and snakes, it feeds extremely well. Right out of the coil, the Laser is slick. Lowering anyone over 100 pounds was difficult at first, and I definitely needed a glove to control the thin cord through my auto-locking belay device. With time, however perhaps as grit and grime began to work into the cord, and the dry coating began to wear -- the Laser started paying through my belay device with a level of friction we can all feel sane about.

The bi-color design on the Laser is great. This visual indicator is the most reliable way to tell where the middle is, an important bit of info when lowering your partner off a long route. Of course, as soon as you cut either end of your rope -- as you surely will if you suck as badly as I do and fall all the time -- the middle marking becomes useless unless you trim an equal amount off each rope end.

With its impact force of 8 kN, on the low end for a rope of its weight, the Laser gives a nice, soft catch. Also, with a rating of six falls, it is a durable cord. A few times, I fell on a wretched, grooved biner with a sharp edge and it really frayed the sheath, but the core was completely intact. What more can you ask for?

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