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Evolv RockStar Shoe Review


Evolv RockStar, $89

  • Steep rock: 2.5 Star
  • Face climbing: 3.5 Star
  • Long routes: 3 Star
  • Upper: Synthetic, lined
  • Rubber: 3.7mm Trax XT-5

Is this how it starts? One week you feel embarrassed about wearing the ladies' RockStar in the company of your bros. The next you're wearing a jog bra and high-fiving everyone at the cliff. Despite sexual-identity crises, our female and male testers loved this "women's" shoe. Evolv designed the RockStar with a shallower heel cup, higher arch and lower volume than its other models, and although I never thought of myself as having feminine feet, this shoe fits me wonderfully. The front end of the RockStar is similar in shape to Five Ten's Anasazi Lace-up -- one of the best face-climbing shoes on the market -- so it's no surprise that the RockStar is focused and precise on small edges. The rear end is more relaxed, with a flatter heel cup and less aggressive slingshot, sacrificing some power but increasing comfort. The result: a value-priced, moderately stiff shoe that works great for face climbing, cracks and all-day routes. Evolv offers split pairs with different left and right sizing for a small extra charge.

+ Great face climbing and all-around shoe with "women's" fit for slimmer feet.

- Passive heel.

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