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Franklin Powerstation Hangboard Review



BETA This board has a Napoleon complex: It's pocket size, measuring just 8 by 22 inches, but is hardly a wallflower. It's packed with a solid array of ergonomic holds that are neither too difficult for neophytes nor too easy for Scottie Franklin. Standout grips include a full-hand sloper that one tester labeled "the best in terms of texture and angle," comfortable, beveled finger pockets and an inverted pinch that's sure to deliver a nut-crushing grip in record time... if you've got the chops to yard on it. Texture? Think Dakota sandstone (medium grained).

BEEFS One-pad edge is so narrow lengthwise your hands touch, putting your elbows at an awkward angle.

BEST FOR Cramped quarters.

IF ONLY IT HAD More edges.

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