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ACROSS THE SKY - World Record Slackline
ACROSS THE SKY - World Record Slackline

GoPro HD Helmet Hero


$299 | | four stars


The GoPro is a near-perfect pocket-sized video camera that shoots surprisingly great 1080p high def, and takes nifty wide-angle photos at a respectable 5 megapixels. The camera itself runs on a rechargeable battery (just plug it into your computer) and lasts about a day. The video is great, and so is the sound quality.

A number of accessories accompany the camera, including a case that allows the GoPro to be mounted to a helmet (or wherever). The camera also comes with a waterproof casing that I am anxious to take deep-water soloing. HD-HERO-Front-MASTER9517The camera spits out mp4s, which I had some trouble importing into Final Cut, but worked well with iMovie.

I took the GoPro skiing and climbing and shot some cool POV footage of what it's like to be me falling off the crag warm-up or wrecking on the local bunny slopes. I found the footage shot from the perspective of my helmet (or chest harness) to be jittery, embarrassing and without much personality. I decided that the video would be improved by making a boom that stuck out from my body and put the film's star -- Me, wonderful Me! -- into the frame. With a little bit of ingenuity, and the cache of accessories that come with this really fun toy, this was no problem.

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