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Integral Designs Cocoon Sleeping Bag


Cocoon-Sleeping-Bag$200 | | 4 Stars

The Cocoon is a Primaloft sleeping bag with a 30-inch, center zipper and a 30-degrees F rating. The hood performs like a semi-tightened parka's hood -- snug it around your head and you can unzip the bag slightly, sit up and operate your stove while still wrapped in the sleeping bag's warmth. Also, no matter how much you toss and turn, the hood's breathing hole remains in front of you. An insulated baffle behind the zipper keeps cold air from entering through the zipper. The system is idiot-proof -- there's no tangle of cords and clamps. Just grab the single cord and yank. The zipper sports another nice touch, a double-grab tab, both on the inside and the outside of the bag.

The Cocoon is insulated with a single layer of 5±ounce Primaloft Sport. The Cocoon weighs less than 2.5 pounds and is worry free -- you needn't fret about protecting it from moisture, crampons or anything else that might damage a down bag. As an added bonus, the Primaloft Sport compresses nearly as well as down and lofts 20 percent more than previous generations of Primaloft. However, if you are used to cloud-lofting Integral Designs down bags, this model does not compare. The temperature rating is optimistic -- after a winter's use with five different mountaineers testing it, we gave the bag a 40-degree rating at best (sleeping comfortably in mid-weight long tops and bottoms). But, if you like wearing all of your clothes, so you wake up fully dressed and ready to climb, the Cocoon will take you below freezing.

If most of your nights out are above freezing and you want an affordable, idiot-proof, lightweight, compressible bag, and if you use a bivy sack with a corresponding front zipper, such as the Integral Designs Penguin, this is a good choice. Now, if only Integral Designs would make a down bag with the same front zip and parka hood.

-- Larry Amkraut

  • 2 pound 6 ounce fiberfill bag.
  • Uses new Primaloft Sport insulation.
  • Primaloft Sport compresses nearly as well as down.
  • Rated to 30 degrees F, but tested at 40 F.
  • Light but tough Ballistic Airlight fabric.
  • Centered zipper lets you sit up in bag and cook or eat.

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