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FOREVER – It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over
FOREVER – It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over
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Weekend Whipper: Ice Fall Wrecking Ball

Lapis Lazzuri Hangboard Review



BETA This is a broad—32-inch—slab with long, curved ergonomic holds (think frowny-face shaped) that allow you to use the edges and slopers with your hands practically kissing ... or spread clean out to shoulder width. Being able to position your hands at varying widths  guarantees that people of all statures, from Terminators to hobbits, can find a comfortable and natural grip width. What really makes the board shine, however, are two bolt-on modular holds, which attach on the outer regions of the surface. This Einstein move lets you customize a pair of grips, and puts your hands in a more “rock-like” position! The Lazzuri is also the only board that comes with a toothbrush.

BEEFS No micro edges … wait, you can add those.

BEST FOR All-around training.

IF ONLY IT HAD Pinches and a desperate sloper.

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