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Weekend Whipper: "A Fool with Some Tools"
Weekend Whipper: "A Fool with Some Tools"

Mad Rock Chalk Pod


Price $29.95,, 4 1/2 stars

WHO WOULD’VE guessed that something as, well, boring as a chalk pot could be cool? Whoever at Mad Rock slapped a spring, compression straps and a zipper onto a chalk pot, that’s who.

Some trad gumbies think chalk pots are just for boulderers. Indeed, like any average idiot, I take one to bouldering/gym sessions. But I exceed average intelligence by using a chalk pot as a mother ship for my entire supply: It comes with me to every crag to replenish my around-the-waist bag.

Chalk pots typically leak because a single drawstring isn’t, as climbers say, bomber. Because the Chalk Pod incorporates both a drawstring and a zipper lid, it is bomber. Stay in the bag, chalk!

The Chalk Pod fits a month’s worth of my Precious. Compression straps pack it down to the size of three stacked pancakes. There’s also a pocket for your tube of liquid chalk, aka Hot Fire!

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