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Mad Rock Frenzy Lace-Up Shoe Review


Mad Rock Frenzy Lace-Up, $79

  • Steep rock: 1 Star
  • Face climbing: 3 Star
  • Long routes: 5 Star
  • Upper: Leather, lined
  • Rubber: Mad Rubber #5 (forefoot);
  • Mad Rubber #3 (heel)

Mad Rock has revitalized the rock-shoe market with innovative designs, and its wholesale-like prices have forced other manufacturers to drop their rates in turn.  Sturdy, supremely comfortable and surprisingly nimble, the Frenzy is sure to be a headache for its competitors. It boasts a host of great features, including a speedy lacing system, plush padding around the upper edge of the heel cup, and an anti-microbial X-Static lining that helps prevent the shoe from smelling like Gorgonzola cheese. With full rands, a firm sole and flat last, this shoe will dance through talus and tear up cracks, yet the upper and the fit are smart enough to give the Frenzy a respectable level of chutzpah and feel. (The Frenzy is also available in a Velcro version with a padded heel for $89.)

+ Great value. Best wide-crack, adventure-climbing and long-route shoe.

- Fess up—you like the smell of sweaty feet.


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