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Steph Davis Free Solos Jah Man, BASE Jumps From Summit

Mad Rock Mad Pad Review


Mad Rock Mad Pad, $120

The Mad Pad takes the cake for pure shock absorption. With over 4.75 inches of foam, this lunker of a pad almost never bottomed out. The hinged closure and speed buckles make opening and closing a snap. I would have liked an accessory pocket, but since it costs only $120, I can’t really complain—this pad is a heck of a bargain. Velcro flaps on the bottom and sides let you secure it to other pads if you need to create a larger landing zone. Mad Rock: 503-797-1952,

Open size: 39x46x4.75 inches (3.5 inches open-cell, 1.25 inches closed-cell foam)
Weight: 10 pounds
Closure system: Hinged
Carpeted deck: No
Accessory pocket: No
Side carrying handle: Yes
Suspension: Padded shoulder straps
Cushioning: 5 stars
Ease of use: 5 stars
Creature comforts: 1 star
Final score: 4 stars

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