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Montbell Ultralight Spiral Down Hugger #1 Sleeping Bag Review


Mont-bell Ultra Light Spiral Down Hugger # 1
2 pounds
Rating 15 F
Field Rating 20

If you feel confined in a mummy bag, the Down Hugger is the bag for you. It has elastic components that let the bag move with you. Gotta stretch your knees, extend your elbows? No problem. The Spiral Down Hugger has more to it than rubber-band properties. It has a full down collar, a full side zip and is cut a little wider than most mummies. It was the favorite among husky climbers and those who thrashed in their sleep. One tester was so impressed with the comfort of the bag that he was getting a warmer model from the Hugger line for those long nights on Denali.

Very comfortable. You can stretch your knees and elbows and the bag "gives."
Great for layering.
Full collar, top and bottom.
A lot of bag for the buck.

Most felt their 15 F rating was a bit optimistic. We gave it a 20 F although you can easily layer more insulation in it.

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