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Tom Randall - First Ascent of The Final Round (5.13c/d, HXS)
Tom Randall - First Ascent of The Final Round (5.13c/d, HXS)

Omega Pacific Gym Pro Steel Carabiner



$11.60 | | 5 Stars

This affordable, hardened steel carabiner was made for use in gyms, where repeated lowering and toproping quickly wear grooves in standard aluminum biners, but the Gym Pro is equally applicable for outdoor use on anchors in high-traffic areas and on popular routes. The easy-to-clip wire gate makes it a classy choice for the business end of fixed quickdraws. With a major-axis strength of 8,992 pounds and a gate-open strength of 3,597 pounds, these suckers are practically bombproof.

—Jeff Jackson

  • Steel, wire-gate carabiner.
  • Great for leaving at anchor stations, or on the rope end of fixed quickdraws.
  • Much more durable than aluminum carabiners.

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