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Weekend Whipper: Should Have Stick-Clipped

Red Chili Tornado Shoe Review


Red Chili Tornado, $149

  • Steep rock: 1 Star
  • Face climbing: 1.5 Star
  • Long routes: 3 Star
  • Upper: Leather, lined
  • Rubber: 5mm Vibram

The Tornado is a hybrid: Half approach shoe, half climber. I used it to climb Ancient Art (5.11a) in Utah’s Fisher Towers, including for the 30-minute hike in—although I wouldn’t be happy wearing it on a significantly longer approach or harder route. The Tornado’s heel wedge is narrow and somewhat unstable for long, rugged hikes, while its wide, stiff, flat last works best for climbing challenges that are well within your limit. For most backcountry routes I felt like I’d rather use the combination of an approach shoe and a dedicated climbing model.

+ Climbing shoe that can hike.

- Doesn’t hike as well as sticky-rubber approach shoes. Doesn’t climb as well as a dedicated rock model.

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