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Rockin' Capris and Pants by Stonewear Designs Review


Stonewear Rockin' Capris $70, Pants

It’s gotta be a good sign when someone waiting in line behind you at the pharmacy says, “Excuse me, what kind of pants are those?”

Stonewear, I explained.

“What?” I repeated the name and wrote it down for her, and this is why she wanted to know.

The Stonewear Rockin’ pants and capris are just visibly comfortable (who needs tight pants, especially in warm temps?), made of soft, draped poly-spandex and with a venting side split at the calf, a spot that can bind in climbing. Despite the friendly fit they look streamlined, with long, flattering princess seams along the front and back and only a single, hidden pocket. The scoop waist is high enough for comfort under a harness or to feel reliable in bouldering, and the fabric is stretchy and it wicks moisture.

I remember when Stonewear Designs first appeared, in the mid-1990s, created by a corps of climbing women whose bodies ranged from wiry to generously curved—in the vernacular of the time, “real.” To this casual observer the company had of late seemed to meander into flowy yoga, then this year busted out a line of stonker athletic wear…that you can also wear to the grocery store.

One other change is in the fit. In past Stonewear items, I—at 5’7,” verged back and forth, sometimes not very well, between medium and large. The designers have now increased the room in the pants’ seat and waist, such that a medium is just right on me, and a large, which used to be comfortable, is too big. The pants also run long. A medium is also a good fit for a friend of mine who is 5’9” and 160 pounds.

When I like something, I wear it a ton, all the time, until the stitches start falling out and the seams gap. As fall morphs into winter, I am still wearing the Rockin’ capri as well as the pant, and just glad they have double stitching.


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