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Weekend Whipper: Trad Dyno Attempt at Fair Head, Northern Ireland

Synrock Minicrag Hangboard Review



BETA Made from a molded ceramic that feels quartzite smooth, and comprised of three dense modular blocks, the Minicrag is cool to the touch (the board’s best and most unique feature), actually conducting heat out of your hands—instead of warming them as do insulating, plastic boards. The texture is the smoothest of the lot, skin friendly and hangable provided you keep the holds scrubbed. The Minicrag, though a veritable pocket pincushion, lacks a good series of edges; the ones it has are either too crimpy or difficult. A series of outside, inward-oriented pockets lets you work the unit like a lat-pull machine. Topside, you find a cool, comfortable, utile sloper. Because each component of the Minicrag mounts with a lone T-nut, you can quickly loosen and spin each block upside down, reversing the holds. Doing so, however didn’t make much difference in terms of grip variety.

BEEFS Too many pockets.

BEST FOR Pocket training and working the lats.

IF ONLY IT HAD More flat and sloping edges.

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