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30 Desert Towers - Moab, Utah
30 Desert Towers - Moab, Utah

Ultimate Down Hat


BlackRockHat$49 | | 5 stars

YOU LOSE UP TO 30 PERCENT of your body heat through you head. In short, if you are cold, wear a cap. I tested the Ultimate Down Hat, stuffed with 900-fill Canadian goose down. In case you are still hung up on the "warm when wet thing," the Down Hat has a Dryline liner that keeps your sweat from soaking the fill, and a DWR treatment that repels snowflakes.

The Down Hat fills a void. It is one-of-a-kind and pairs especially well with jackets, parkas and coats without hoods. The concept is genius. 

I wore a Down Hat this winter and found it much warmer than a knitted cap, more versatile than a hood. It's also windproof and trim enough to fit under a helmet, although a helmet will compress some of the down, reducing its effectiveness. 

Weighing just one ounce and about as packable as a hanky, you have no reason to ever leave it home. I even take it cold-weather rock climbing, and let 30 percent of that body heat go to keeping my fingers warm instead of out the top of my head. It's a no-brainer.

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