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Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag Review


Valandre Mirage $445 short zipper $455 ¾-length zipper
1 pound 8 ounces for ¾-length zip
1 pound 6 ounces for 13-inch zip
Rating 35 (comfort) to 8 F (extreme)
Field Rating 23 F

If you are a Steve House type ultra-lightweight alpinist the Valandre Mirage gets the nod—this is the lightest bag reviewed. The shape is distinctly different from the other bags, looking like an inverted longneck beer bottle. The flaring torso area gives you loads of room—I even wore a down suit inside the Mirage. The Mirage isn’t quite as warm as the other bags, but may be the most versatile, being comfortable enough for summer as well as winter use, and warm enough for many winter applications. With layering you can take it to sub zero. The Mirage has the highest lofting foot section. Even if you have clown's feet you will not compress the down.

Extraordinary warmth to weight ratio.
Good for ultralight, high-altitude mountaineering as well as summer use.
Shaped to comfortably wear down clothing inside and has room for water bottles.

Available with a 2/3-length or 13-inch zipper, but no full-length zipper.
Can’t vent the feet.

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