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Camalot X4 

Unit Number:   0
Price:   $70
Range:   .33-.54 inches
Weight:    oz
Number Of Cams:   4
Axle Type:  
Stem Type:   Single
Sewn Sling:   1
Strength:   5 kN
Passive Strength:   1 kN

Manufacturer says:

A durable, versatile 4-lobed camming unit, the CamalotX4 combines our patent-pending Stacked Axle Technology with a narrow head-width and integrated cam springs to offer more expansion range than ant small cam on the market.

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Consumer Reviews

Bethanie Hart commented on 26-Mar-2014 09:49 PM2 out of 5 stars
It frustrates me how hard it is to pull the lever. When I am struggling up a route I find it way nicer to be able to pull the lever with as little effort as possible.
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Camalot X4