Sierra Blair-Coyle Bouldering in Flagstaff


In Rock and Ice No. 216, we featured the famous roof bouldering of Flagstaff, Arizona. This video features pro climber  Sierra Blair-Coyle cruising through some of the horizontal classics. 



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Chelsea Atwater commented on 18-Feb-2014 10:40 PM3 out of 5 stars
Aw, dang. The girl is sweet, strong and talented as hell. The Draw is a great spot, and Sanuk's are shoes...or sandals, or whatever. Why all the negativity? As a climbing community, we could all try to lighten up a little! A lot of climbing coverage is Gnarly, and Bloody and Hardcore...but it doesn't always look like that. Sometimes climbers are cute girls that are don't mind getting a little attention for their (hard earned) body or their style choices. She likes climbing, and she's damn good at it. Which is really a rad thing.

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